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I got a BFP!!!
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Bella got her BFP!!!!!
Evie from Knickerwatch got her bfp
Betty(knickerwatch) has just got a BFP!!!
Example (New IVF) got a BFP
LOHC (Knickerwatch) just got her bfp
Elaine has done it again
Polly From Aug mums 2007 is UP THE DUFF LOL
march 08 mums busy again
LS This is for you
IVY (Sims) got a BFP
Boots (Knickerwatch) got a BFP!
Lisa got a BFP!
Patricia (IUI and IVF threads) and a Christmas miracle!
zara from knickerwatch and napro
I got a bfp!
LS got her Christmas BFP
Kerry got her BFP!!! What a wonderul Christmas present!!!
Sarah got her BFP !!!
scraps got her BFP
SarahH has got her BFP
GPB got her BFP !
Browneyes got her BFP !
I got a BFP, from Feb o8 Mums
Abbie Got her BFP !!
Monsoon got her BFP!!!
Bovinda (Sims & IVF Thread) got her BFP !!!!!
Betty from Knickerwatch just got her BFP!!!!
Olly got a BFP
Buffy (IVF & Sims thread) got her BFP!!!!!
Orla got a BFP!
Bec (Mile thread) got her BFP
Liskahs (Mile thread) got her BFP!
GER from IUI thread is pregnant!!!!
Dee from IUI thread got her BFP too!!!!!!!!
HopefulPM from IVF thread got her BFP!!!!
LARRY (Knickerwatch) is preggers!
BUDSER (sims and IVF) got her BFP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LEMON (marathon thread) got her BFP!
Jan* (mile thread) got her BFP! Yipee
Maire has a glorious BFP!!!!!!
Sims BFP - Penny got BFP
Sukey29 - Knickerwatch is Pregnant
Jessica34 - Knickerwatch is Pregnant!!
Maryhopeful got her BFP(ectopic and over 35 thread)
Jojo is pregnant!
Another Sims's AB!!!
Olly (SIMS thread) got her BFP!!!!
Donna (Marathon Thread) Got her BFP!!!!!! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Suze (odd cycle) is PREGNANT!!!!
IVY (from Sims thread) got her BFP
Punk (IVF thread) got a Christmas BFP!!
Shadowfax (Knickerwatch) got a BFP!!!
Twirl (knickerwatch) got a BFP!!!!
Alli (iui thread) got a BFP!!!!
Sona (Sims Clinic & IVF Thread) got her BFP !!!!!!
got bfp
Honey (BITA & 35+)
BECKETT (IUI thread) got a BFP!!
Apple (Sims thread) got a BFP!!!!
Steph (BITA) got a BFP!
Abby (Sims clinc thread) got a BFP!!!
Dolly From TTC after MC got a BFP
BFP!!!!.. I cannot believe it!! (AnnaB)
MICH from October BD got a BFP!
Zobo got a BFP!!!!!!!!!
Fiona (miscarriages recurrent 3plus thread) got a BFP !!!
Limerick (IVF thread) Got a BFP!!!!
i cant believe it i got a BFP (aussiemum28)
Nik (SeptBDmarathon & Kickerwatch!!) got a BFP!!!
Roisin from Knickerwatch got a BFP
I got a BFP an hour ago :)
Congratulations to Tweety
Congratulations Tiny!
Crolly has a BFP! The first for our new forum!
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